Sunday, April 27, 2008


I am sure everyone has something they love to wear. A comfy pair of shoes or jeans, an old stretched out sweat shirt, an over sized shirt. It is something that is just too hard to throw away, almost like an old friend. I have had this shirt for many many years. One of my daughters gave it to me. One day while wearing my ole faithful shirt I got it caught on something without realizing it tore. I put it in the washer, dryer, and on a hanger it went, back in my closet. Each time I reached for it I remembered it was torn. I couldn't wear it the way it was, the rip was a big "L" shape. If I tried to mend it it would be very noticeable no matter what I did. To throw it away was not an option. lol Finally it hit me duhhhh!!!!! embroider a design. Being new to machine embroidery I was a bit nervous. I didn't want to ruin my shirt. I had to laugh "ruin it" I can't wear it the way it was. I looked thru some designs on my machine, Flipping back and forth, which one, what kind of stabilizer, what color thread. Hummmm maybe this is for another day. I went into the kitchen made myself a cup of tea and decided NO, today is the day. just do it!
I needed a design that was large and it had to be dense to cover the hole . I stitched up the hole by hand and of course the threads showed., just to make it lay flat. I picked tear away stabilizer, I decided not to change the colors they recommended , hooped it and away I went. The bear sitting on a barrel was good and dense.
The design just made the length and width of the tear, I didn't want anything too big. The base violin covered the length with the bear and the barrel covered the width. I wonder how many more years can I wear my shirt.

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