Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dylan Austin and Harley

Yesterday I was trying to get the boys down for a nap. Harley still sleeps in a crib but sometimes Dylan wants him to sleep in the "big bed". Dylan was trying to calm Harley down and get him to sleep by singing him a song and rubbing his forehead. It worked 2 other times but not this time. Dylan likes to take his afternoon nap in my king size bed. As long as he sleep I don't mind. In fact I kinda like it.

This picture was the FIRST time Harley slept in my bed. He must have been really tired.

This was the second time Dylan got Harley to sleep.

Aren't they little angels when sleeping. My little boys are growing up so fast.

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adelloro said...

Susan, I love Dylan's rendition of Holy Night.