Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Fresh Coat of Paint

Yes, I am making progress in the sewing room. It still amazes me what a fresh coat of paint will do for a room. I like to paint and I am messy, but I do a good job. Getting older and going up and down the ladder is another subject.
So far we and I said we, cause Tim helped paint the room. I chose this light blue for the walls, in fact it is called Baby Blue Booties; isn't that the cutest name. The ceiling and closet are Navajo White, which is most of our house. And of course High Gloss White trim. I am so happy we decided to tile the floor last year.

Looking at the pictures I notice the light pulls need changed.. LOL They are still sports from Dylan Austin's. Must put that on my list when I go shopping tomorrow.
Today I will start putting my sewing things in the room. I want to be organized. Starting from scratch makes it alot easier. (I hope)
I have decided Tim will make me my sewing table. I just couldn't see spend that much money for a Horn or Koala sewing table. Most of these close up when not sewing and I will probably not need that since the reason for my sewing room is to have easy access to my machine I want them out all the time. I did like the looks of the Horn Project Center. And Tim will use that as a model. Also I want it to be 8 feet long, which I haven't seen a sewing table that long. Here is a link for Koala Cabinets http://www.sewingmachineoutlet.com/workstation.htm.

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