Monday, May 5, 2008

Getting Ahead

I am always trying to think ahead. I do like to be prepared for things. I was talking with my sister Carole, who lives in Pittsburgh, PA about Christmas. I know, I know, it is a long way off. But still I love to talk about Christmas all year round. She was telling me about these glass blocks she saw and sent me a picture. I knew it was something I just HAD to make. Anyone that knows me knows I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I don't decorate for any other holiday but Christmas, I go overboard. And when I say I go over board then it is way over the top. I start the beginning of November and try to have my house decorated for Thanksgiving. Then I can relax. hahaha yea right! I made this block and I love it.I know I will be making a lot more. I have seen different variations of them, but for me I like it wrapped up in pretty ribbons.
Of course these are on my "Honey Do List" he has to drill the holes for me.
My sister made hers for night lights, the possibilities are endless.

Speaking of the "honey do list" things are getting checked off. Isn't it great when making a list you can check them off as DONE. I am still making those plastic bags, crocheting in the evening while spending time with hubby.

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