Monday, May 19, 2008

Is Your Work Ever Done

When you own a home is your work ever done. it seems we always have a project to do. My youngest daughter always asks what are you doing now? Will we ever really be able to just sit back and do nothing. As we were getting ready to retire for the night I asked my hubby where was the "TO DO LIST". I wanted to check things off. He said he threw it away. There is always something on the list. It will never be finished. Even if it is just little things there is always something. I am a" list person" I like to see things checked off and completed. Funny how the mind works, when I see the check mark or the item crossed off I know it is finished. Tim thought we were seeing the end of the list til I started the idea of getting my sewing room. Now we have talked about him building more shelves in the closets, maybe even a new sewing table/desk. I am not even talking about painting and decorating the room. Before painting we have to take the border off the walls. Now you know that is going to be messy. There is always something to do. Say good bye to the border.

Another style of plastic recycled bags. This is from *Walmart*

Their bags are thin and don't give much of a design when crocheted. It is mostly white, not much black printing is on the bags. A black ribbon is added.

As for the recycled bags I am making for the teachers I have one more to do. I am seeing the end to my list.

These are the round bags. One has shorter handles. I like using "Target" bags. They are much stronger and they give a nice red and white design when crocheted.

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