Thursday, May 22, 2008

Making Progress

I am making progress in the room. The border is off, not just one wall but all 4 walls. YEAAAAAA That little steamer works well for peeling off border. Now I will empty the closet and Tim will make another shelf, and paint the closet. That will be done this weekend.
I still don't know if I want one of those hydraulic systems for my sewing table/desk. Does any one have one and do they really like it and/or use it? Should I have Tim cut a hole in the desk to make my machine even with the table? Decisions, decisions, What to do.?
Who watched American Idol last night? I liked both David's, I am not surprised that David Cook won. Both were great. Talking about television; has anyone received those $40. gift cards for those television converters. Tim and I got a RCA from *Walmart* it seems to work pretty good.

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