Wednesday, May 28, 2008


You would think coming from a closet to a room I would have LOTS more room. never enough room. Even yesterday We were talking about knocking down one wall. That really was a joke.
Tim did put in an extra shelf for me good thing...

Both shelves are full of fabric and I still have more to put in.
Since I crochet as well ,I needed a place for my thread and yarn. Hanging shoe bags works well for me . I can see what I have instead being in a box or plastic container pushed in the back of the closet

These hang on the rod and you can have easy access to both side.
inside the closet I have fabric that are for special projects such as children's, Christmas. In the center of the closet I have craft items. The threads hangs nicely behind the craft containers.

More to do today. Hopefully next week I can actually begin to sew.
Tim went to Lowe's and got the wood to make my sewing table. That project will begin this weekend. I must ask" Are we ever done with projects" ?We haven't even finished our "Honey Do List"

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AutumnBrooke said...

Hmm, I have NO idea where Timmi gets it. ;) You two ladies have enough supplies to keep me happy for the rest of my life. lol