Monday, May 12, 2008

Sewing Quarters

I don't have a sewing room I have a sewing I am cramped in there so most of the time I have my better machine on the dinning room table.
I have a bedroom that I want to turn into a sewing room and soon I will be able to do just that.
At the moment my grandson loves having his own room here at grandma's. Dylan Austin said he will share a room with Harley.
here are a few pictures of my sewing closet.

You can see I am jammed in there. Not much room for spreading out your project.
I have always dreamed of a sewing room Hopefully soon my dream will true. I really have to think of how I will set my new room up. What color should I paint blue? yellow? I do want something light and cheery. off to the store for some color samples.


Your Youngest Daughter said...

I like the title "Sewing Quarters" - too cute! Go for Stampin'Up!s Bashful Blue color....very calming and relaxing!

Arlene said...

I remember when I first started machine quilting about 6 years ago. I would set up on the kitchen table and we would eat on trays in the living room, LOL. Your closets are great. I'd be too embarrassed to show mine AND it's a bit tidier than usual.

Kathie said...

Wow!! I am so impressed. My stash starts out organized and color coordinated. That is until I need one, the bottom one of course!
Until my son moved out I had a sewing motorhome!