Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I am pleased to announce that Dylan Austin has approved his new room here at Grandma's/ lol He was so funny yesterday when they stopped over. I had the bedroom doors closed cause I really didn't want him to see his old room a mess. He opened the door and exclaimed rather loudly "Grandma what happened to my bed". I told him that I had a prize for him and of course he wanted to see. I took him into the other bedroom where he saw some of his toys and things. He seems to be some what pleased but questioned everything "Why this, why that" . lol My little man is growing up so fast. I explained once I moved my sewing machine into the room he would have more space for his toys. Harley, loved the idea of being able to have easy access to his toys as well. When it was time for nap I asked them where they wanted to sleep in Grandma's bed (which they have been sleeping) or their NEW BED. The new bed won .
When Dylan woke up he came out very quietly and didn't wake up Harley.
Nothing is more precious than watchiing them sleep.

after nap
I am almost finished with the plastic bags I am half done with the last bag but I ran out of bags. Off to the store .

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