Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Be Prepared

It is Hurricane Season again. June 1st, is the start of the dreaded season. I don't like even hearing the word hurricane. It just scares me. I have to be prepared. I would rather over due and not have anything ready. I went and checked my battery supply.. I need to get some D size and probably some more C Most of my flashlights take C size batteries. I have AAA's and AA's. I have flashlights in every room of my home plus a few extra in my so called "HURRICANE KIT". Batteries goes on my shopping list.

Went and bought some canned food today and some bottled water. I have 3 cases of bottled water so far. and will get a few more plus some gallon spring water.
They tell you to have food for 3 to 7 days. I think I have enough for 5. What do you think? Only took 3 bags to pack.

I will have to go and check on my other supplies that I store in the bottom of my closet . Make sure my walkie talkies are charged. When we had to evacuate for Hurricane Rita our cells phones didn't work, we couldn't get a signal. I was glad we had our little walkie talkies. Tim and I were always in consent communication while driving. I really wasn't prepared when Hurricane Rita came thru, even tho it missed Galveston. It was a terrible experience.
Throughout the year I buy things that they say we need for a hurricane/flood/ or disaster. At least I can say I am prepared.
We have all our wood cut for the windows and doors. Some are under our bed some are in the shed. All painted, labelled and ready to be hung if needed.
I still would like too buy a life vest(I can't swim), a tent, and a small blow up boat. Tim thinks I am loosing my mind on these things. I also have containers filled with supplies, copies of important papers, pictures of everything in my home inside and out, a few tools, blankets, pillows, tarps; things like that all in my closet.
I even have a Coleman stove and lantern on the shelf in my closet.

You can say I am going over board but I need some sense of security. if there is such a thing during this time. If a hurricane ever comes to Galveston I will be prepared but a mess.


Arlene said...

WOW! Are you EVER prepared. This will be a great help to others who may not think ahead as well as they should.

Margaret said...

I tend to err on the higher end of the side. I'd go with a couple more days of food. Obviously your choice. I've never been in an evacuation situation, though. It sounds like you are really prepared. Good for you.

Is the tablecloth crocheted with fillet crochet?? I can't get a "closer" up. I did the "23rd Psalm" in filet crochet once. If I ever find it, I'll have to get a photo to you.

Another similarity between us.--I can't swim, either. I'm so afraid of deep water that I can't even take a bath---LOL--I do take long showers, though. HeHe

Peg D