Sunday, June 22, 2008

Garage Sale Finds

I made this recycled bag from an old T shirt. Cut off the sleeves , sew the bottom closed about 20 inches long , then cut open the neck wider. It could even hold more than what I put in .

I usually don't go to garage sales. I was walking out of my house and down at the end of my street I was a neighbor having a sale. I thought since it was on my street I should at least go down. To my surprise I hit the Jack Pot. lol well I think I did. Now Tim may think differently. I found these old shelves I thought hmmm I could put these in my new sewing room. Goodness the price was right. With a little cleaning and maybe some white paint. I got this little shelf for $1.00.

This one for $2.00 and this one for $3.00

Then I found this for $6.00 I may use it in the boys room as a night side on Harley's side. I only had 1 night table in there on Dylan's side. I don't think it will fit in the sewing room.


Anonymous said...

way to go with the garage sale finds.I love them but always buy stuff that I think other would LaVerne

Margaret said...

WOW!! You really did luck out on the shelves. Yea for you!! The shelves are beautiful. I'm looking all over my house to see where I'd put them if I had them. LOL

Peg D