Thursday, June 19, 2008

Getting Things Finished!

I am getting things finished; at least seeing the light at end of the tunnel.
I am in the process of quilting my nephews quilt.
I painted the shelves for my sewing room
I am crocheting the edging on Timmi's tablecloth. I think by the weekend I will be finished with the tablecloth and quilt. 3 rows left on the tablecloth.
I even made an adorable airplane pincushion. Since my better half works for the airlines I thought it would be perfect.
Dylan Austin also had his FIRST T-ball game last night. Watching 3 year old's play ball was a blast. Here are a few pictures. The daddy's are allowed out on the field as long as they don't touch the ball. Daddy Dylan just made it to the game after work.
Dylan did great. He caught a few balls and hit twice. These two pictures are when he just hit his first ball and then running to first base.

The movie is Dylan running to home base the first time. one is his second

The second little video is Dylan hitting the ball his second time to the plate


Anonymous said...

Susan he is a real cutie.LaVerne

Arlene said...

Oh, I love these videos. That boy is adorable!