Wednesday, June 11, 2008


What do you do when you can't sleep? Well of course you get up and log on the Internet. Read your emails, check out the blogs you read; see what your friends are doing, search for crochet patterns or anything else that may interest you and then you think you better write on your own blog. Some night I just can't sleep. You would think I would be in bed sleeping like a baby after having my 2 grandson. They are my pride and joy. I just can't believe how fast they are growing up. This was yesterday after they ate their lunch I gave them an Oreo cookie. LOL Dylan eats his whole but Harley takes his apart to eat, they are so different.Since I have been crocheting alot lately my left hand has been going numb on me. I had to go back to wearing a brace at night for the past 2 nights. After resting my hand maybe I can get some crocheting in today and make some progress on Timmi's tablecloth.
I still have 10 more rows to crochet. About 6 more rows of the roses and then the edging. If my hand holds out I will be done by the weekend, but then there isn't a rush to finish, maybe next weekend.

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