Monday, June 30, 2008


I love having the boys as much as I can. They are having breakfast Saturday morning here. Waffles and orange juice. They always want to eat in the living room with their pappy.

Tim found a little time to work on my sewing table over the weekend. He was able to put the drop leaf on. This will give me another 2 feet for when I sew a quilt it won't be dragging on the floor. With it open it will make my table 8 feet long total.


Arlene said...

The boys are darling and that sewing table. WOW! Your DH is certainly handy. I saw the signature on your daughter's blog and couldn't get it to work for me. Duh! Will play with it again sometime. Didn't cook all weekend, so no new posts. Have a few things ready to make, so I'll stockpile a few posts for this week.

Anonymous said...

Susan, the table looks fabulous !
Big Hat off to Tim ! :-)
The boys also look cute but you already know that...LOL ..and an extra cookie for Samy ;-)

Margaret said...

Love your signature!!

Hugs, Peg D