Friday, June 6, 2008

More Finds

I thought I had all my patterns organized and I found more in a container under the bed in the guest room. Most of is old from my mother in law , mother, sister and neighbors from long time ago. I remember going thru this stuff about 10 years ago and getting rid of alot, boy am I sorry now. I brought it down from the attic and I wanted to get down to 1 container under the bed. the blue sweater on the right is one of the sweaters she knitted me.
At least I saved this. I also recall giving back to my mother some things.
My mother in law knitted (I don't) , and I still have some sweaters she knitted for me.
Knitting items of old

here are some of her needles

sorry these came out side ways. Yahoo isn't liking me today
here are some crochet books

This crochet needle is a size 13 meaning it is tiny. it was my mothers, she would crochet so long that the heat from her fingers would bend the needle.
Now I have to sort out all these things and put them away ORGANIZE ORGANIZE

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AutumnBrooke said...

OMG! Look at all those needles. I'm so jealous. :P That reminds me, I think I've got a baby blanket to knit. lol :P