Friday, June 13, 2008

Progress on Nephew's Quilt

I sewed most of the morning on my nephew's quilt. I managed to get 3 of the 9 rows completed. It is coming along fine. Around 12:30 Timmi stopped by with the boys. I was to watch them while she had a hair appointment. I love having the boys here. They are REALLY a treat. While eating a health bar I asked Dylan if I could take a picture and Harley ran over too..

After playing for awhile it was nap time They were both tired. I love it when they want to sleep in my bed. Look at these little angels. Again they slept for 2 hours. Dylan still sleeps with his yellow puppy and blanket he has had these since birth. Harley has a blanket and a blue little stuffed horse. You can't see it in the picture. I have one here for each of them so they don't need to be dragging them out of the house. They both know Grandma has them here.
I won't say much about my daughter; their mother; she STILL has her yellow stuff dog from her birth. That stuff animal will be 33 years old in September. No, she doesn't sleep with it but it is in her dresser drawer. I also have a a stuffed bear the Dylan's likes to see at times too. Tim bought it for me when I had my brain surgery awhile back
I also managed to crochet 1 row on the tablecloth last night. Then my wrist started hurting again so I didn't push it, only 9 rows left.

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