Monday, August 11, 2008

Baby Quilt to Bed Quilt

Timmi finally decided what she wanted for Harley's big boy bed. She really liked her nursery quilt she had for the crib. Now I am going to tear it all apart and make a twin size quilt for his bed .

After spending ALL day taking it apart this is what I have
After some measuring we( did I say WE I meant I) will cut it apart using the main peice as the center. Now do you really think Timmi will be cutting and sewing? I told Timmi we could use the squares from the bumper pad as borders and the underside which was red plaid for making it even in corners and such. The worse part is over the ripping out. We may even have enough to make a small wall hanging for his room too. The quilt was used as a wallhanging, it was never in his crib.

Saturday Tim and I had the boys over night. part if their bedtime routine is after bath we go into our big bed and watch alittle movie. That night I asked Harley if he wanted some lip balm on his lips.. LOL

This morning I walked another 1.5 miles in 30 minutes.. So far so good the treadmill kept going.
I have both boys today, not much will get done except playing with Thomas the train.. :)

then it was Dylan 's turn


Carol said...

Hi Susan, First I wanted to thank you for my lovely sewing kit! It is wonderful and I can't believe all the things inside. Thank you again. I love the cowboy quilt! Sorry you spent the whole day ripping! Can't wait to see this one finished up. Happy day Carol from WWFQ

Margaret said...

WOW!! You are one ambitious lady. I'm not sure I would have taken the crib quilt all apart. Well, maybe if it was wanted enough, but it would take me a long time to get it done--especially the taking apart part.

Peg D