Thursday, August 7, 2008

Blue Quilt

I cut the pieces I need for making my nephew's son a blue quilt.
I finished 1 square. I think a boy will like this pattern. It is called Cracker Barrel. Making these quilts for my family is allowing me to try out all these different patterns.
On another subject... I am coming close to my 100th blog. I was thinking of another "GIVEAWAY" as a celebration. What would you like to see? Another pincushion, one of my recycled crocheted bags, a cloth grocery bag. Hints would be great. Please leave comments.


ARLENE said...

I think one of your recycled bags would be perfect!

Ruthie's Place said...

Hi Susan, I'm sure that whatever you choose for your give away will be delightful. Warm hugs, Ruthie

Margaret said...

One of your cloth shopping bags would be very nice. If I don't win it--LOL--I'd love the pattern

Peg D