Monday, August 18, 2008


I didn't do much at all over the weekend. I rested my back. I had trouble sleeping Friday and Saturday nights.
I did sew alittle bit on Harley's quilt but sitting straight up cause the pain to come back.
I sat in my recliner and watched alot of the Olympics. I would get up and walk around the house then sit back in my recliner. I was able to get another recycled plastic bag finished.
Yesterday Timmi stopped over with the boys. it is always good to see her and the boys. They are growing up so fast. of course they played with Thomas the train. They had lunch here , took their nap and stayed til about 5.


Margaret said...

Sorry your back is still bothering you. RATS!! Glad "your" boys still play with Thomas. Wyatt won't play with his set. He does, however, still like to have me read to him about Thomas. Peg

ARLENE said...

this is a great bag! hope your back feels better soon; qvc has these great bags that you heat in the microwave; i have one that goes around my neck and shoulders; great for what ails you