Saturday, August 23, 2008


Yesterday right after I wrote my blog in the morning Timmi called and asked "Do you have any plans for today, thought you may want to go shopping with us." I had to get my walking in but of course I would love to spend the day with you and the boys. I was able to get in my walk on the treadmill and another phone call they were on their way. We stopped at Babies R Us , Wal*mart and McDonald's. lol The boys were being so good . Timmi wanted to do some grocery shopping as well so I wanted the boys to come home with me let them take their naps here and she could do her shopping and put the groceries away. I enjoy having them they are so much fun. I get them today too and they get to spend the night. School will be starting and I won't be having them that much during the week any more.
We didn't have the big train set out.I got the trains from the sewing room and put it together in living room. You can see we have Thomas take alongs up on the hearth. That just stays there all the time. We don't put that away.

They both love Thomas; you would think they would get tired of it but they play with Thomas here mostly, "CARS" come in second and then Dinosaurs third. "Gramdma" is always buying a new engine. Diesel 10 is the favorite now.


ARLENE said...

I always loved trains! My cousin had an entire cellar set up with Lionel trains. Once in a while, he would let me run the engine. What fun!

Margaret said...

Wyatt's losing interest in Thomas--alas. He uses the hill of the track as a lever to propel his race cars (Daddy is a great fan of Dale Earnhart, Jr.). Of course Wyatt picked up on that.