Sunday, August 24, 2008


We had the boys almost all day Saturday and then over night. We have so much fun with them but boy can they wear you out.
They both took really good naps Dylan slept 2.5 hours and Harley well he slept over 3 hours , I went and opened the door to his room so he could hear us more out in the living room. Finally after another 20 minutes he woke up.
We spent some time outside and of course playing inside with Thomas the Train. Dylan and Harley both like to swing. Inside we had 4 different track sets up. They go from one to the other and it helps from any fighting Almost everything they have here is Thomas. even their tooth brushes. When they brush their teeth it plays Thomas theme song. It helps to make them brush longer. The of course it is movie time in Pappy's big bed. They really calm down and before you know it both are yawning and ready for night night. I have one of those video monitors and I watch them sleep in their bedroom. I don't get much sleep myself.

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