Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Busy , Busy, Busy

Now I can post some things I have made. Most have received their gifts...
I made my brother in law AL a quilt for his hunting place. he said he wasn't going to use it up north there. it was too nice. LOL He can be so sweet. I am glad he liked it.
I made a few Birthday gifts and I believe they received them . The chest are little pincushions and in the boxes are little chocolates/candies made with pink and brown satin.

I made the little jewelry bag to go with all the other totes/bags I am making in the set. I have 1 more to make the cosmetic bag


Miet said...

Great quilt , adorable pincushions , yummie sweets and cute little bag !!!!!!!! Do you ever sleep ? :o)))

Margaret said...

I can see all sorts of possibilities for the bag with all the pockets for lining. What a wonderful idea. I just might try it. It starts with circles, doesn't it??

Love, Peg