Sunday, September 7, 2008

Large Tote

I finished making the large tote yesterday. It was easy to go from one machine to the other having them all out on 1 table was great. Tim did a wonderful job on this table for me. I am one happy camper. The large tote is very roomy. It has good size 6 pockets inside , 3 on each side.
This coming week I will make the other matching totes and bags. I am pleased how this one turned out.
Plenty of room, I can use this for a weekend get away.


Miet said...

Lovely bag ! Nice work !!!If you need a new home for this one , I'm a candidate :o))) Or perhaps you can sent it for a holliday to Belgium ;o)



ARLENE said...

Susan, you are incredible! This bag is wonderful and you work so fast!!!!