Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Over The Hump

I think my treadmill finally bit the dust. It didn't even go 30 minutes today. Each day it is less and less . I think it is the motor. It just keeps shutting off. All my good intention just went down the drain. Now I could say that will give me more time to sew, but I do need to exercise. I will have to think of something else to do.

Today is Timmi's Birthday She is coming down with the boys


Carol said...

Hi Susan, you and me both...need to exercise i mean! love the pic of dylan and his wheeled book bag. today is the first day of school in my town. grid lock heaven! love all the recycled bags and think it is a great idea. carol from wwfq

ARLENE said...

The Leslie Sansone tapes are a good workout and you can do it inside in the AC. The only downside is you can't watch a TV program and space out since she's on the TV and after a while her prattle gets to you. I got my treadmill in Sears. It wasn't a real good one--$700--but it is heavy enough that you don't worry about it falling apart.