Monday, September 8, 2008

Smaller Tote/Bag

Yesterday morning I had a chance to make the smaller tote. It is exactly the same as the larger one. I could actually use this as a purse. It also has 6 pockets inside and 2 outside pockets 1 on each side. Making the second one always goes faster.
Sunday afternoon we went to Timmi's to watch the Pittsburgh Steeler's vs the Houston Texan's.
Funny Our family is from Pittsburgh so we love the "black n gold" Dylan was born and raised here in Houston. Timmi wears a Pittsburgh Steeler jersey and Big Dylan wears his Houston . Not often do the Steeler's play the Texans. but when they do it is fun at Timmi's house. They played fair this year.. Dylan Austin had a Houston shirt on and Harley had a Steeler shirt on.
Pittsburgh won 38-17
Dylan Austin, Tim, me holding Harley, Big Dylan hold their dog Miss Elizabeth,sitting on a steeler pillow with a Steeler collar and leash, Timmi and Big Dylan's friend Kevin.


Anonymous said...

How funny Mom - you can see the Harley Davidson motorcycle town in front. Go Steelers!

Miet said...

Ohh...its looking fantastic...I love the colours!!!

Margaret said...

The bags are lovely. Great work!! Thank you for my gifts. They are precious. I won't mention what they are, just in case others peek in. LOL
Love, Peg