Thursday, September 4, 2008


Yesterday was fun. Timmi and the boys were here almost all day. We had a great time. Dylan Austin says the funniest things at time. Over the labor Day weekend they were at their in laws (Grandma Ireland's) I asked Dylan did they have fun at Grandma Ireland's house and he replied oh yes Grandma it was special. He started telling me all the things they did. After he was done I said I was glad he had a good time and that I sure did miss him. He looked up at me and said Grandma I missed you too, a whole bunch, all they way to 37. And for him that is ALOT. He is learning to count and his daddy's birthday was also over the weekend and he turned 37 . I guess they kept saying wow daddy is 37. Dylan will tell me what other people have said or what they have done. I wonder what he tells people what I have said or done. lol

Harley playing with Thomas take along's
Dylan playing with Thomas motorized and "Cars"

You would think they get tired of Thomas, but no they love playing with trains and Harley wants to do everything that Dylan does.
Since my treadmill is dead I have to fine my Leslie Sansone DVD

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