Friday, October 24, 2008


I don't mind going to garage sales but I don't enjoy having one. I had one about 10 years ago or so and it was a pain. lol. But I have so much Christmas stuff I need to clean out my attic. I have over 50 containers of red, green and gold. I stopped counting after 50. And I probably have over 25 wreaths that I hand on ever door inside and out . I also hang wreaths on the outside windows. Everything is going in the garage sale. Timmi is coming over to help me tomorrow.

I will still have my white and gold Christmas decorations that I love. I haven't used this color theme in about 3 years. This also includes all my villages , which is a mess to make and clean up EVERYTHING IS GOING, GOING, GONE!!! Well I hope so. lol/ This can go either way. Maybe people want to get Christmas decorations really CHEAP because of the hurricane OR Christmas is the last thing on their mind. But in the spring before the hurricane ever came I decided to have this sale. Some of Timmi and Amy's friends are stopping over today for a preview.

Here are some of the containers
some of the wreaths in bags

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Liz said...

Susan, I sure wish I lived closer...I would have a Hay day at your garage sale (our house is done up in red & your think I could buy up a few ...LOL)
Wish you luck that everything goes !
Sure wish I was there ;-)