Friday, October 31, 2008

Houston Quilt Show 2008

Amy and I went to the Houston International Quilt show. There were some vendors we wanted to check out and then we took our time and walked around.
Amy got to talk with Eleanor Burns again this year. That was a highlight of the day for Amy. After seeing her she was ready to go home. Amy bought her new book and Eleanor signed it.
I love seeing all the quilts. They are just amazing.
This one was a BIG WINNER
photos of the quilts just don't do them justice..


ARLENE said...

I'm so envious. One year I'll get down to the Houston show. Then I can visit you and a former WWFQer, Kathy, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures.Eleanor didn't have her boa on in the photo.When she was at Long Beach she swung that thing over everyones shoulder as they took a picture.Loved the pictures of you and Amy.She is a cutie.LaVerne

carol k in NJ said...

Susan, I would have loved to meat eleanor burns and gotten to see Sharon Shambers best of show quilt! You are one lucky lady. If I ever get the chance to do Houston, I'm crashing at your house!