Saturday, October 25, 2008


Yesterday I had the Timmi and Amy's friends come over and some neighbors to check out the garage sale. Well I guess you could say it was a hit. LOL
I made over $300.00 yesterday and the sale is really today.
I am glad I get rid of some things and I know Tim is, cause he has to take it up and down the attic. I was thinking ;goodness, I will be decorating in just a few weeks anyways. Time does fly by.
I hope I do as well today. Tim doesn't want to put anything back. I told him whatever don't sell I will have another garage sale next year. lol
Here are some of my snowmen, this was taken AFTER the girls friends were down too. LOL
villages that are left another table fullI have stuff all over the place in the garage. Boy I hope alot more sells today. Tim really doesn't want to put things back up in the attic.

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