Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More Glass Blocks

I made more glass blocks I just love these things. I think they are so pretty.
My sister even made a few for her grandchildren with the colors of their rooms as a night light.
These have ribbons with green holly and red berries.

These have red poinsettia

I also finished 25 travel size Kleenex covers. Just something little, these are great stocking stuffers.
I have to get more glass blocks. When I do I will post a picture of Tim drilling the hole for you Arlene. Tim said it isn't hard you just need to do it slow. I think he uses a drill bit 1/2 inch. But it is special one for glass and tile. I got the blocks at Lowe's, and the drill bit.

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ARLENE said...

Thanks, Susan. I'm itching to make one! They are gorgeous. Your tissue covers are much nicer looking than the one I made. I gave up after one. Was probably doing something wrong, LOL.