Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Santa's Little Helpers

I had the boys yesterday and they were helping me decorated another tree. This 4 ft. tree is in my foyer. It is our "Steeler"tree. My family LOVES football.

It was hard to tell the boys they can't play with the trucks. I have 2 different trucks on each side of the tree.

All Finished


Anonymous said...

Hi Susan, i was just glancing at your posts for the past few days and Lady, you are really talented and very creative. I would never have thought of the lighted blocks or the crayon roll. Really neat.

Carol K from WWFQ said...

Dah, I hit the enter key without telling you it was me!

ARLENE said...

Love the tree, but it's the helpers that really caught my eye. They'll be heart-breakers, for sure.