Monday, December 29, 2008

Getting Back to Normal

I am getting back to normal well close any ways. Tim went back to work today and will work til Wednesday then off the rest of the week. I do love having him home but I can't get anything done. hahahaha.
I have been thinking. Does any one still make New Years Resolutions? I think most people start out with great intentions but just go back into their so called normal routine.
If you have a New Year Resolution let me know. As for me I have all the great intentions but...


ARLENE said...

Hi, Susan. I'm finding it hard to contemplate UNdecorating, but know you have a much bigger job. My resolution is to continue to walk, daily, if possible, and to find satisfying part time work in the New Year.

Margaret said...

Susan, My resolution is to lose 30-40+ pounds. I've tried several times before, but this year I have an excellent motivator. If I don't lose that weight, my knee problem will come back. Pain is the "best"? motivator.

Love and Hugs, Peg