Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Boys and Chocolate

A good friend in Germany ;LIZ, sent these special Surprise Eggs for my grandsons at Christmas.
I never would have thought what a hit these would be.
Dylan now age 4 doesn't want to eat the last one. And he has informed me we need to go to Germany to buy more. hahahaha.
Thanks Liz , Dylan and Harley love getting the prises and they enjoy the chocolate too.

Here is the Birthday cake they made and Dylan decorated it for me.
he informed me that this was the best cake ever.

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Luxquilt said...

Thanks Susan for all your nice comments on my site! :-)
I'm wondering that my package with the give-away didn't arrive in Texas yet. That's more than a week ago that I sent it via air mail. :-(
Please let me know when you get it...