Saturday, January 31, 2009

Diaper Caddy

Timmi asked me if I would make her a diaper caddy. Since Harley is growing up so fast she really doesn't need to carry a big diaper bag any more. Harley is in the process of being potty trained. But when she goes out she still puts a diaper on him. She just wanted something small she could throw in her purse or just keep in the car.
This will hold 3 disposal diapers , a disposal changing pad and a case of whips. I am sure she could even fit in a small plastic bag.

The first one I made wasn't tall enough, the diapers were getting smashed. But maybe she can use it for something else.


ARLENE said...

You are so creative; that is just darling. Your daughter is so lucky to have you.

Timmi Park said...

Yea Mom! Thanks I can't wait to get it tomorrow

Liz Schaffner said...

Very clever Idea !!!

Anonymous said...

My daughter saw this and sent it to me. She has a 2 yr old and is expecting her 2nd child in April. She would really like to have one and we were wondering if you would share the dimentions and details on how you made it. Thanks