Saturday, January 3, 2009

Taking down Christmas

Taking down Christmas decorations is always a chore. Tim started doing the outside. Usually I am out there helping him but this year I have to take it easy. That means it is taking him longer to do things. He has everything put away except for the actual house Tomorrow morning he will take the lights off the house. It looks bear naked out there. Funny how you get used to the lights and decorations so fast.
He bought some containers down for me to do the main tree I have 3 filled and still more to do. I have to keep taking breaks. This year it may take a month to get it all down. Tim says NOT to worry about it. The playoffs are here. hahahaha Can't miss those football games

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ARLENE said...

Glad you saw the doc and he didn't panic. I know you'll follow his advice. I have to take down my tree tomorrow. I hate to, it's so pretty. I also just hate all that packing.