Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Dresser for Abby

I made another dress for Abby, This one is purple floral. We took a ride earlier to Pets mart and I weighted her. She is 2.8 pounds she is growing.
I received one of the dresses from Ebay. I bought a small she will have to grow into it. It's on one of Dylan Austin's stuffed dog.
I also made this one; it is too big as well.

She is my little princess. She finally met my neighbors little toy black Chihuahua Milo is 5 month. After both of them are fixed they will have play dates. lol
I really don't get too much done around here. I have to keep a close watch on Abby. Whenever she starts acting funny I take her outside. Sometimes she is good and does her business other times she just wants to run and play and I am out side for awhile and she doesn't do anything .
She comes in and takes a nap. Back out we go when she wakes up.
She really takes up alot of time.


Ruthie's Place said...

you should sign her up for America's next top model. look how great she poses.

Margaret said...

Abby gets more and more adorable every time I see a new photo of her. Thank you for sharing.
L/H, Peg

Liz Schaffner said...

Abby's wardrobe is soon going to cost as much as yours...or more ! LOL
Is Tim going to build her a little wardrobe to hang her dresses in ?? I bet he loves that idea !! :-)
Hugs, Liz