Monday, February 16, 2009


Valentine's Day is over; time to change my table runner.
We don't celebrate Mardi Gras so my next runner would be St. Patrick's Day. it was time to polish the candle sticks too.
Tim and I kept the boys Friday night. They are such good boys. It is alot of fun having them here. I wish my health was better that I could have them more often. Right now I only have them here when Tim is home to help. They are so sweet with Abby too, very gentle.

Dylan Austin and Harley got Dinosaurs for Valentines. They just can't get enough of them

I tried to clean up around the area by my computer. It always seems to get cluttered with papers. I print out alot of things for quilting and crocheting. then I need to find a place to organize. So far my filing cabinet is holding everything.

I do hope to get busy with some UFO this week. I also have alot of patterns out that I have been meaning to make.


Deborah W said...

That's the cutest puppy I've ever seen! Thx for sharing the video. My cat was verrrryyyyy intrigued!

Deborah at Webajeb

ARLENE said...

I'd swear that dog was a toy if I didn't know better. How cute! and how ferocious!