Monday, February 2, 2009

Pet Beds

A friend told me that any scraps that were small or little pieces of batting she makes pet beds. I found some fabric in my stash that I knew I would never use and sewed up 4 pillow type case. As I make quilts or sew anything; tiny scraps get throw in the case that I made. When they are filled I sew the tops and start a new one. I had 4 finished and I finally took them to Pet Smart. On Saturdays they have animal rescue there and you can adopt a cat or dog. They can use anything you can donate. Now I never know how fast I can fill these cases but I know they will be used.
I made them all the same size. This time I will make different sizes as the cats could use smaller ones. I didn't take any pictures of them I forgot, but they were about the size of a bed pillow. Now nothing gets thrown away. I put my salvages in there , squaring up blocks, trimming fabric anything. Check out your local pet store. I am sure they would appreciate anything you sew.
The lady in charge told me they even use old baby blankets for cats. Any old blanket that you may even have around the house cut it smaller and sew the edges. They use those for their cages during traveling. The picture is a new case I sewed up this morning to start a new pet bed. Let us not forget these pets.


ARLENE said...

Susan, that is such a wonderful idea. You're a great gal!

Carol K said...

Howdy doo! Haven't checked out your site in a day or two and as usual, I'm delighted to see how much you get done. You are always so inspirational to me. Makes me want to sit right down and sew. Miss you at wwfq and hope all is well