Monday, February 23, 2009


I also had this fabric I actually bought it for Abby last week. I thought it was very "girly, or is it girlie".
I was thinking I better save the St. Patty's day dress for next month. This one can be her every day dress til the one I ordered off the EBay comes. YES, I ordered one already made besides some patterns. Here is our Little Princess in her bed in the living room playing with her toys.
Do you think this little girl is going to have a complete wardrobe? Hmmm lets see at least 7 dresses for the 7 days of the week, and of course you have to think; some might get dirty, washing and ironing, then there are the "speciality cloths for holidays. lol it sure does add up.
Tim also had to put up some boards along our fence to make sure Abby wouldn't sneak out.
Our neighbor had her gardeners put in a garden and when they dug it out they came on our side.
I never worried about it when we had Samy. But Little Abigail that is different.
He even found a bottom board that needed replaced. The other sides were OK, they go to the grass. Yesterday was a beautiful day to be working outside.

Now the back yard is safe for Abby. No more danger, or is there? My neighbor came over and told me to watch out for hawks. They may come and pick up Abby. Are you kidding me???? I never noticed any large birds. Wouldn't you know it. Later that day, the SAME day; what do I see flying in the sky above my neighbor's yard? A large bird with BIG wings . Is it a hawk? I really don't know.

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