Sunday, March 29, 2009


I was letting Abby out this morning and look what we spotted on the fence. Playing peekaboo. The cat is bigger than Abby. She is a neighborhood cat and the neighbor across the street feeds her. I usually have 2 cats sleeping under my shed in the back yard at night or to find shelter in a storm. This black one and a yellow tabby. the yellow tabby frighten me yesterday morning letting Abby out. She ran out and jumped on the fence to get away. Abby never saw her.
I need to start taking out my camera when I let out Abby. I have missed a few pictures already. There was a beautiful red cardinal in the tree a true sign of spring when I went back in to get my camera it turned around.

Then the next day first thing in the morning I was letting Abby out and the black cat was sitting on top of my neighbors roof and she has a 1.5 story. When I went to get the camera the cat came down the other side.

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Miracle Of Jacob said...

HOW CUTE!!! Kitty looks like she wants to play with Abby! Maybe you should get Abby a kitty of her own!! :)