Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pretty in Pink

Abby on my bed waiting for me to get dressed this morning.. We have to really watch her on my bed cause it is high and she can't jump off.
Pretty in Pink; Abby got a new dress from EBAY.

I don't know if you can notice on these pictures but I started giving Abby this "Angel Eyes" in her food. Alot of small white dogs have this reddish stain around their eyes and mouth. It has only been 9 days and I can tell a difference. You just sprinkle about 1/4 teaspoon on her food and she eats it with her meal. It is really amazing. I have their web site under my favorite sites on the left here. When she gets trimmed next week I am sure there will be a bigger difference. Hopefully it will be ALL gone. She surely is my little Princess.

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ARLENE said...

Too cute! Her pink dress looks lovely on your pretty quilt.