Thursday, March 19, 2009

Quilt Raffle

Today would have been Samy's 12 th Birthday. I miss you baby boy. My neighbor down the street needs to have heart surgery and his insurance said they won't pay. He is pass his limit. His workplace is going to have a fund raiser for him , a BBQ. Some of the neighbors are getting together and trying to raise money for him. His doctor said he will not charge him for this operation and the hospital said they are going to lower the price. But he still needs around 10 thousand dollars, and it has to be cash to get the discount. Neighbor knew I sew and I have been asked to donate a quilt. I am more than glad to help out in any way.
These are the fabrics I am going to use. I will post pictures as I go. I have only made quilts for my family never for sale or auction. I am feeling pressure and hopes it comes out nice. Deep breaths. The quilt needs to be done before the end of April.
I received my Pincushion swap yesterday in the mail. Oh man Was I a lucky receiver. A heart shaped sachet filled with lavender, 3 beautiful blue and white fat quarters, a card that looks like a quilt, postcards from Michigan and the egg shaped pincushion all hand embroided star and dragon fly, loaded with beads. Just beautiful.. thank you Judy so very much. I love it
I was in my sewing room and Abby was in the hallways watching me.. Don't she look cute sitting there
After I took the picture she laid down on the small carpet in the hall right outside the sewing room. And look no dress. I didn't dress her yesterday.

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CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello Susan, I am happy you like the Pincushion I created for you and all the other goodies too. It was a fun swap and I will treasure you Spring Flower PC forever. Hugs Judy