Saturday, April 4, 2009


Big Dylan came home from work Thursday evening and surprised Timmi, Dylan Austin and Harley with a new addition. Her name is Emma. She is a registered Maltese, and cute as a button. All Dylan had was the puppy and little bit of food the breeder gave him. Little Emma spent her first night in a laundry basket. The multi colored blanket in there was Timmi's when she was a baby. That blanket is 33 years old. It is getting alot of use, hahaha. Emma is 10 weeks old and weights 2.3 pounds.
The boys with Emma

On Friday Tim and I took Abby over to meet her new cousin. Look how big Abby looks next to Emma.

This morning was Dylan Austin's soccer game
Harley and Pappy: best friends; heading over to the play area during the soccer game.
Dylan played goalie for awhile and saved 3 goals. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAA DYLAN!!!!!

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Ruthie's Place said...

Awww, I want one too - LOL. Aren't they just the cutest!!!!!