Thursday, April 2, 2009

Finished Tricia's Quilt

I wanted to see how fast I could make this quilt . The pattern is the Irish Chain and I think it is the easiest and fastest pattern I have ever made. I got it done in 3 days. But that is all I did all day. Cut , sew, cut, sew, quilt, and the backing is wrapped around the front for the binding. SUPER EASY. The quilting is X's thru the blocks then sew the block lines. It is from a book I bought back in the 80's "Country Weekend Patchwork Quilts" by Leslie Linsley . I have made a few of her weekend quilts and they are truely a weekend project.


ARLENE said...

Love your quilt, label, too. Hope Amy's doing well.

Voukla said...

Being easy for you doesn't mean it is easy. Looks great, but for me seems very difficult.