Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pinwheel Star Quilt

I am making progress on my quilt. It is really taking time to do these blocks. I got bored just making blocks so I started doing rows.
I need change of pace. My next row takes 7 blocks I have 5 done then the next row is 9 blocks that will make it half way. For me is is hard to make sure I don't have the same fabric too close together but then not to make the block alike. The sashing has to be different too.

Abby had her check up yesterday after her surgery and no more collar. YEAAAAAAAAAAAA! I know she is happy. here she is all wet from her bath. She was a good girl getting her bath too.

All blown dry and brushed She is really getting good for me with all the grooming.
I weighted her at the Vet Abby is 4.2 pounds
After seeing these pictures she need her face trimmed.


ARLENE said...

Hey,Susan, she's so adorable and I love your quilt. Who is it for? I've been out of touch, so I don't remember you starting it. How's the new DGS?

Margaret said...

Your quilt is coming along nicely. I wish I had some of your discipline to finish what I start!!

Abby is adorable, still. I bet she is glad that collar is off. It must have been more than annoying for her.

L/H, Peg