Friday, June 26, 2009


I had the boys for the afternoon on Wednesday. After lunch they took a nap. They were really tired. I love to watch them sleep. here is Dylan sawing some ZZZZZZZZ's
Harley all snuggled with his little blanket. Tim got home from work and laid next to Harley with Abby. After nap we played with Thomas the train , had dinner then Tim and I took them home.
I made a few more dog collars for my neighbors for the 4th. One has 2 dogs a male and female. The other neighbor has a male (who makes fun of me cause I dress Abby).
As soon as I laid this on the floor to take a picture Abby came running over and sat down. It's all for her. 4 row completed. 12 more to go. It is starting to take shape and you can see the designs.

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