Monday, June 8, 2009

Busy Week

Yes I have a very busy week. Amy's husband went out of town. Amy and baby Jacob stayed with us til Thursday morning. Amy was worried about Jacob sleeping here but he did really good, hardly cried at all. He is a good boy. Thursday Amy and Jacob went home but I went over there during the day on Friday.
Amy and I embroidered this tag for Dylan Austin new quilt. Sorry about it being sideways I tried a few times and it still came out this way.

I also made a pillow case for Dylan's CARS quilt.
If I was home any time during last week Baby Jacob was here and I had no time for computer.
Friday evening Dylan and Harley spent the night. They are always alot of fun to have. Can you tell they are Pappy's boys?

After the boys left on Saturday, I had to strip the bed and I got a chance to put on the new Pinwheel Star quilt on the bed. Once I made the bed I realized I need another bear with a onies for Jacob.
Jacob has a doctor's appointment this morning . I get to meet Dr. Williams. See if she passed the grandma test. LOL

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