Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Daisy Doodle

There is something about this quilt I LOVE IT. Did you ever just see a quilt and you had to have it. That is how I feel about this one. I GOT to have it. Now how many quilt do I HAVE TO HAVE? that is the question.
I finished the first row. There are 14 blocks in a row and 16 rows of blocks plus borders. I am debating if I will scallop the edges or keep them straight. Knowing me I will scallop. Again I have never scalloped. Maybe I will do a fast table runner and see IF I can. I would cry if I messed this quilt. Of course I could just cut the border and add more fabric if I messed up on this.
First you butt up the edges of the curve
Then ZIG ZAG them closely together.
Next add the bias
pressing each step, next sew the blocks together for each row. Look at Abby checking out my work.
I have 20 blocks finished and 204 to go. lol

Little Jacob has a stomach virus. Poor little thing. It seems it is one thing after another with him. Just when you think you got the formula right this happens.
Dylan Austin is taking swim lessons and started T-ball. Harley is upset cause he is still too young.

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ARLENE said...

You put me to shame, Susan. I'm still cutting my FQ's for the pinwheel.