Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I was practicing some free motion on Amy's mid arm and I made 3 dog beds for crates. They are thinner than a normal pet bed. I have them bound and ready to deliver to the SPCA I also made this bunny which will hold a plastic egg.
I know I am either early or late for these eggs but I didn't want to forget to make them. I will put them away for next year. I still have to stuff this one.

BIG QUESTION Do I really want to make this Daisy Doodle Quilt?
But I really like it. Last night I thought I would make a practice square. I am having second thoughts on this quilt. This is going to take FOREVER. I think this is one of those quilt you do just a few square at a time. Not all at once and get it done. I worked on these 4 little 6 inch blocks for over 2 hours. I never sewn curves before . I will probably get better at them. And I want to make it KING SIZE. 93X104. Do I need my head examined? lol

Of course the quilt has each block is a different fabric. I just cut 2 prints and 2 whites. It is not the bias that is giving me trouble It is sewing the 2 curved side by side with a zigzag stitch. I did see a way of sewing the smaller piece on a full block. Then cutting away the extra layer of fabric, but that is wasting alot of fabric. DECISIONS , DECISIONS


Miracle Of Jacob said...

2 hours for FOUR BLOCKS? Mommy WAS going to make this one too - but FORGET THAT NOW -- she's too busy taking care of me! She doesn't have time to make this one!!! I'm too high maintenance Grandma! But YOU make it and Mommy and I will CHEER YOU ON!!! Love you, Jacob

quiltmom said...

The curves will get easier and you will get a rhythm for making it. It is a lovely pattern- if I really love a quilt pattern it helps me to get through when I feel overwhelmed by the size of the project.
The colors are pretty that you have chosen.

Luxquilt said...

.....but it looks sooo good! :-)