Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dog Collar Bows

I made a few more Dog collars for Abby. These are very easy to make . They can be used for cats as well. The first picture is the Pittsburgh Steeler AWAY game collar and a collar for the 4th of July. The second is a really Pretty in Pink collar. the last picture is one of each that I made.
I asked "How many collars can one Puppy have? Then I thought ; how many shoes can a woman have? hmmmm Never enough. Abby and Emma will have collars for every occasion. I just may make collars for all the dogs on my street and have a fashion show.

Now back to my Daisy Doodle Quilt. Selecting fabric for each square.


Lyn said...

Hi Susan,
I finally figured out how to leave a comment.
Just wanted to tell you I love all your dog collars and bows. If I ever get the time, I will ask where you got the hardware etc.
I am thinking of getting a Martingale collar for Gina.
Hugs, Lynda M

ARLENE said...

Your collars are delightful.